About Us

Our Company​​

Building Restoration Systems (BRS) is a multifaceted regional building restoration service
company based in Boca Raton, Florida. We restore Glass, Window Frames, Storefronts, Granite,
Limestone, Brick, GFRC Panels, Precast Concrete, Aluminum & Metal Panels and most
other architectural building materials. We proudly service the entire state of Florida as well as
accepting select projects throughout the US. Always an innovator, BRS consistently remains
at the forefront in developing new and effective restoration materials, means, methods and
technologies. That coupled with our exemplary safety record and an available work force of over
50+ highly trained, dedicated men and women has made BRS one of the largest, fastest growing
and most respected Building Restoration/Preservation Companies in the state. Rooted in the deep
belief that if you consistently provide your customers with a superior product, excellent service
and absolute reliability you will succeed. Because of these deep commitments BRS currently
enjoys ongoing relationships with nearly all its past clients.​

Our Mission Statement

Product/Service Mission: To consistently operate the best Building Restoration Business in Florida by
providing unparalleled, consistent and reliable service to our customers.

Economic Mission: To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth,
increasing value for our stakeholders & expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.​

Social Mission: To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our employees and the communities we are involved in.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity – BRS deals honestly and fairly with everyone. Integrity and the adoption of a
high ethical standard of conduct are crucial in dealing with clients, designers, subcontractors, vendors and each other.​

Respect for People – Above all, we value our relationships. We strive for a friendly, cooperative,
informal and safe workplace, where trust, openness, and respect for ourselves and other individuals have become a matter of course.​

Performance with Absolute Reliability – We set our goals high, continuously striving to be the best
in the in the various Services we provide and in the markets we serve. We achieve this by solving
customers’ problems and meeting their needs through superior performance, with absolute reliability.​

Long-Term Perspective – We make decisions based on a long term perspective, increasing the value of the company and its relationships.