Glass Scratch Removal Services Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

We can effectively remove scratches from glass. Our glass scratch removal services effectively remove light scratches and deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail. We often provide glass scratch removal services that are declined by a competitive glass scratch removal company because they are very deep scratches. Our glass scratch removal services can be performed on the interior surfaces of the glass, or the exterior glass on a high rise building. Our versatility in providing glass scratch removal services has earned us a solid reputation with our clients as glass scratch removal experts.

Everyone knows that scratched glass is an eyesore. We have experience repairing many types of glass scratches, and different types of glass.

Our glass scratch repair services in Ft Lauderdale make us the number one glass scratch removal company in our area. We only use the most effective, cutting edge glass scratch removal techniques and glass restoration techniques to keep our glass scratch removal prices low.

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Our company performs glass scratch removal services for commercial and residential properties. Scratches on architectural glass can be caused by a number of ways: 1) during property construction, 2) through years of maintenance or 3) restoration services.

We can repair and remove deep scratches caused by abrasive materials that make contact with glass as well as small hairline scratches that can only be seen in direct sunlight. Highly abrasive glass stain removal products commonly cause these scratches.

The pictures below show exterior architectural window glass scratch damage.

Window Glass Restoration Damage

Our process sands down glass surfaces by actually scratching
the surface but only to a degree that is undetectable by the naked eye. This process leaves a distortion-free finish on the surface.

Our company has the ability to perform glass scratch repairs on exteriors of high-rise buildings where many scratches are found on new construction projects and usually created during the construction clean-up process.

We have saved our clients millions of dollars by removing scratches versus glass replacement. Typically, we can restore glass for 25% to 50% of the cost to replace a window. This is also an environmentally friendly process as it keeps glass out of our landfills and eliminates use of energy and materials required to create new glass.

Below is a picture that demonstrates 
the effectiveness of our process.

Glass scratches and damage and in the new construction process can be caused by the following

  • Abrasive products used to remove stains from glass
  • Scrapers used in the construction clean up window cleaning process
  • Exposure to harch chemicals such as Hydrofluoric and Hydrochloric acids
  • Manufacture defects
  • Glazing installation and or trasport
  • Improper glass storage
  • Excessive exposure to water and Water errosion
  • Exposure to tap water
  • Exposure to concrete and or slurry
  • Concrete removal process
  • Welding over burn
  • Sanding or sand blasting 
Abrasives on the bumpers of swing stagesWe can easily remove window glass scratches, stains, acid burns, corrosion and oxidation. After the restoration process, we apply high performance glass protection treatments that prevent redevelopment of surface damage and help prevent further stain scratching.

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Glass Scratch Removal Services Ft. Lauderdale, Florida